Module 2 : Reformer Instructors



Pilates Reformer Instructor Certification by Pilatesprop®
Beginner-Advance Reformer exercises 
In-person training module
Duration: 5 Days
Training hours: 9:00-16:00 Practice hours: 16:00-18:00

Lead Trainer: Dharak Dhamarongrat
Accredited training provider by PhysicalMind Institute®, USA

Module 2: Reformer Exercises
Universal Reformer exercise- 25
Sequencing and class planning
Body assessment 

Day 1: Fundamentals
⁃ Review of biomechanics
⁃ Guidelines: Fundamentals, Primary muscles, Secondary muscles
⁃ History of Contrology
⁃ Benefits of Contrology
⁃ Reformer creations
⁃ Classifying exercises blocks
⁃ Intentions vs Instructions

Day 2: Reformer exercises, Part I
⁃ Springs,straps, and resistance concepts
⁃ Routine warm up series
⁃ Routine stretching series
⁃ Footbar series  
⁃ Lower body block

Day 3: Reformer exercises, Part II
⁃ Hands in straps series 
⁃ Feet in straps series
⁃ Stretching with straps
⁃ Rowing series
⁃ Kneeling series
⁃ Upper body block

Day 4: Reformer exercises, Part III
⁃ Abdominal block
⁃ Coordination series 
⁃ FBI series
⁃ Standing series
⁃ Variations & modification
⁃ Fluidity and Flow

Day 5: Reformer exercises, Part IV
(Box, jump board, and small props)
⁃ Short Box series
⁃ Long Box series 
⁃ Jumping board series 
⁃ Using small props 
⁃ Adjustment and hands in skills 
⁃ Instructor ethics 

After the completion of the training, participants are required to submit essay paper as well as demonstration.

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