Pilates at Home

Be strong and active with a special program designed just for you.
Pilates at Home
Pilates for Selfcare - A program that focuses on physical therapy with Pilates methods that you can practice on your own at home. Emphasis on therapeutic exercises that are safe, activates and strengthening muscles results. Can be practiced at all ages. Practice with Cadillac and Reformer equipment.
Beauty & Strength - A program that focuses on exercises to tone and strengthen the postural muscles, combined with calisthenics fun. Emphasis on training with Cadillac and Reformer equipment.
Terms of service

This service is for customers who order any model of equipment according to this list.

1) Cadillac Reformer (฿168,000)
2) Tower Reformer (฿158,000)
3) Elite Reformer (฿118,000)
4) Elite Cadillac (฿118,000)
5) Metallic line Reformer at price (฿98,000)

(Free delivery and installation in Bangkok. Other provinces have additional service fees depending on the distance)

Program options:
Pilates equipment/training lessons at home live online for 3 days, 90 minutes per session with instructor . Schedule an appointment within 1 month after receiving the product and sending it for installation.

Or study with an instructor one-on-one session for 3 hours (1 time). Set an appointment date within 1 month after receiving the product and installation has been delivered.

Movement is Life!
Movement is healing for the body and mind.
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