Wellness Program

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Holistic Wellness


Promoting homeostasis with Proprio-tactile Integration for Kinesthetic Perception approach 

Neuro Somatic Therapy (NST) is a type of therapy that aims to relieve pain and improve movement by addressing the underlying causes of musculoskeletal dysfunction. The science behind NST is based on the idea that the body’s muscles, bones, and connective tissues all work together in a complex system, and that dysfunction in one area can affect the rest of the body.

Workshop: in-person training for 3 days| 9:00-16:00 
Prvate 1-on-1/ private group options/ in-house training. Booking by appointment only
Certificate by Pilatesprop®,  YACEP (Yoga Alliance certification), Accredited training program by AOITH, UK
บริการฝึกอบรมสำหรับพนักงานให้กับองค์กรณ์ของท่าน ติดต่อโดยตรงได้ที่ Line ID: pilatesprop

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