Intensive 10 days Pilates Apparatus Certification



Pilates Apparatus Instructor Certification by Pilatesprop®
Pre-requisite: at least 10 sessions of practicing private classiIn-person training module
Duration: 10 Days
Training hours: 8:00-18:00
Teaching assignment and observation to be assigned by host studio.
Lead Trainer: Dharak Dhamarongrat
Accredited training provider by PhysicalMind Institute®, USA
Comprised of 2 modules. 10 days in-person training with PMIs certified licensee.

Module 1 : Essential Pilates
Principal & Form
Anatomy of Pilates
Fundamental movement
Matworks - 35 Exercises and practice using props and PMIs patented products (Tye4®, Parasetter®, MINIS™, Head Floater®, and Tye4®

Module 2: Intensive Apparatus
Reformer Exercises (Universal Reformer system)
Essential Chair and Cadillac Exercises 
Private setting orientation 
Sequencing and class planning
Body assessment

Additional fee apply for Digital Certificate by PhysicalMind Institute, USA

ถ้าต้องการใบเซอร์จากทาง PhysicalMind Institute, USA ด้วยก็จะมีสอบข้อเขียนและเก็บชั่วโมงฝึกสอน 30 ชม. ค่าเซอร์ แบบ pdf  

Educational Resources คู่มือการฝึกอบรม

• STUDENT MANUAL: Contains 14 of the major Fundamentals and 35 Original Pilates Exercises. (Most exercises are shown by two different body types—a fit man and woman with the flexibility and line that is typically shown.)

• STUDENT MANUAL: 106 pages with Essays on Principles, Osteoporosis, Alignment, Kendall Postural Assessment, Injuries, and much more. Forms on Equipment Maintenance, Client Intake, Waiver of Liability, Teaching Logs, Incident Report, and more.

Program Outlines
Duration: 10 Days 
10 Days + 2 days final presentation
Training Time: 9:00-16.00
Practice Hours: 16:00-18:00 
Exam and demonstration within 6 months period 

Day 1-2: Fundamentals
overview biomechanics
Anatomy of Pilates 
Body assessment 
Body reading concept 
Pilates Matworks
Using props: Ball, Mini Ball, Magic Circle, Roller 

Day 3-4: Reformer exercises (Beginner-Intermediate)
Springs,straps, and resistance concepts
Routine warm up series
Routine stretching series
Footbar series  
Hands in straps series 
Feet in straps series
Stretching with straps
Coordination series 
Variations & modification 

Day 5-7: Reformer exercises (Advance)
Short Box series 
Long Box series 
Jumping board series 
Modifications and Variations techniques 
Classifying exercises blocks
Adjustment and hands in skills 

Day 8-10: Cadillac and Chair
Cadillac 7 essential exercises modifications and variations
Chair 8 essential exercises modifications and variations
Adjustment and hands in skills 
Exam and demonstration  

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