Module 3 : Auxiliary Apparatus



  • Auxiliary Pilates Training by Pilatesprop®

Pre-requisite: Module 1 & 2
In-person training module
Duration: 5 Days
Training hours: 9:00-16:00
Teaching assignment and observation to be assigned by host studio.
Lead Trainer: Dharak Dhamarongrat
Accredited training provider by PhysicalMind Institute®, USA

Module 3: Auxiliary Pilates
*Myofascia theory and Anatomical references (Vectors & Movement)
*Auxiliary Pilates: Barrel Choreography & Spine Corrector & Magic Circle Exercises 
*Spinal mobility corrective  exercises 
*Prenatal/Postnatal modification 
*Chair Choreography, dynamic stretching, straightening exercises & cardio exercise
*Cadillac Choreography, including weight bearing sequences, resistance training application, therapeutic exercises & Myofascia Release techniques 

including training materials from PhysicalMind Institute, USA
Certificate of achievement by Pilatesprop®

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