Module 1 : Essential Pilates



Pilates Matwork Instructor Certification by Pilatesprop®
Pre-requisite: Bachelor degree/ College graduates
In-person training module
Duration: 3 Days
Training hours: 9:00-16:00
Teaching assignment and observation to be assigned by host studio.
Lead Trainer: Dharak Dhamarongrat
Accredited training provider by PhysicalMind Institute®, USA

Module 1 : Essential Pilates
Principal & Form
Anatomy of Pilates
Fundamental movement
Matworks - 35 Exercises and practice using props and PMIs patented products (Tye4®, Parasetter®, MINIS™, Head Floater®, and Tye4®

Day 1:
- Principles of Pilates
- Fundament anatomy of pilates 
- Biomechanics summary 
Day 2: 
-  11 Fundament movement
- Beginner Mat exercises 
- Queuing and practice 
Day 3:
-  Intermediate & Advance exercises 
- Modification 
- Using prop
- Teaching demonstration
Duration: 3 Days (8:30-16:30)
In-person training 
Fee: ฿24,800
including training materials from PhysicalMind Institute,
USA Certificate of achievement by Pilatesprop®

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