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Pilates Matwork Training


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Contains the fundamentals and 35 Original Pilates Exercises.

Fundamentals one and two will help assist trainers in making the correct thoughtful choices for sophisticated and demanding cliental with a growing awareness of the body/mind connection by addressing the fundamentals of breathing, pelvic stability, scapula humeral rhythm and spinal motion. We begin the process of deepening our understanding the bodies complexity. Trainers will learn how to see specific disfunctions and asymmetry which require trainer to modify and vary exercises, movements, ques and progressions. Also included are the reasons why certain exercises or positions are contraindicated for specific populations.

Program Outlines:

Pilates Matwork Instructor Certification by Pilatesprop®

Pre-requisite: Bachelor degree/ College graduates
In-person training module
Duration: 3 Days
Training hours: 9:00-16:00

Teaching assignment and observation to be assigned by host studio.
Lead Trainer: Dharak Dhamarongrat
Accredited training provider by PhysicalMind Institute®, USA

Module 1: Essential Pilates
Principal & Form
Anatomy of Pilates
Fundamental movement
Matworks - 35 Exercises and practice using props and MIs patented products (Tye4®, Parasetter®, MINIST, Head Floater®, and Tye 4®

Day 1:
Principles of Pilates
Fundament anatomy of pilates
Biomechanics summary
Day 2:
11 Fundament movement
Beginner Mat exercises
Queuing and practice
Day 3:
Intermediate & Advance exercises
Using prop
Teaching demonstration
Duration: 3 Days (8:30-16:30)
In-person training

Fee: B24,800

including training materials from PhysicalMind Institute, USA
Certificate of achievement by Pilatesprop®


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