Pilates Apparatus certification training is an intensive training program for individuals who wish to become Pilates instructors. This intensive program is recognized by the PhysicalMind Institute, USA. The institute has a strong reputation for providing high-quality training in the field of Pilates.

The program is designed to equip participants with knowledge of how your body moves including theory of Principals of Movement , Pilates Anatomy, Matwork foundation, apparatus exercises and advanced choreography and teaching skills.

Our training is conducted by experienced lead trainers who have more than 14 years of teaching experience. Their expertise and guidance ensure that participants receive a comprehensive education in practice Pilates exercises on every equipments and how to give instruction properly.

By completing the Pilates Certification Training program, individuals gain the necessary qualifications, skills, and resources to pursue a successful career. We offer business consultation to support instructors in their teaching endeavors.

Pilates Matwork Instructor Certification by Pilatesprop®
Fundamental movement
Matworks - 35 Exercises and practice using props and PMIs patented products (Tye4®,
Parasetter®, MINISTM, Head Floater®, and Tye4®
Pilates Reformer Instructor Certification by Pilatesprop®
Reformer Exercises
Universal Reformer exercise- 25
Sequencing and class planning
Body assessment
Auxiliary Pilates Instructor Certification by Pilatesprop®
Advance choreography on Auxiliary Pilates(Cadilac, Barrel, Chair, SpineCorrector) and anatomical references
Spinal mobility corrective exercises
Myofascia theory and implicationAuxiliary Pilates
Pilates Apparatus Instructor Certification by Pilatesprop®
Comprised of 2 modules. 10 days in-person training with PMIs certified licensee.
In-person training 10 days - Certification of Attendance is given by Pilatespro
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